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The PROTECT 600i ™ Fog cannon is the perfect solution for security, because of its impressive fog output, fast trigger time, and silent standby mode. It also comes with a power backup system, built-in daily automatic battery test, and electronic fluid measurement function.

Moreover, the 600i ™ fog machine has a pulse function that allows it to shoot the fog multiple times and can fill up to 1700 m3 with fog. Furthermore, the fog cannon has a flexible adjustment between 290 and 700 m3 to match the size of the room. The PROTECT 600i ™ has an anti-sabotage, impact-resistant steel casing, making it a durable and secure option.

In addition, the fog cannon can connect with any alarm system. The PROTECT 600i ™ uses the safe and reusable XTRA+ fog fluid, which stays in the room for an hour, providing optimal protection.
PROTECT 600i ™ is tested and approved in accordance with IEC 62642-8. Which is the worldwide standard for fog cannons.


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